About Ketch the Spirit

university clothing and apparel

Ketch The Spirit is owned by sisters, Cortney and Callie Ketchum, who run the business out of Dallas, Texas. Cortney and Callie each bring their unique talents to the business. Cortney leads the design effort and oversees sales and marketing, while Callie directs the daily operations and provides financial expertise. Cortney began working on the business prior to graduating from college at the suggestion of friends. For years, Cortney had been making herself stylish tops and dresses to wear to sporting events and all of her friends wanted them. In fact, she had people stopping her all the time asking where she bought her outfits. Cortney had always been a leader in the fashion area and it seemed natural to start a career doing what she loved. She also loves sports, so the idea of fashion for sporting events was a great combination for her and Ketch The Spirit was born. Callie, who was also a huge sports fan, decided to join the growing business when she graduated from college and became partners with her sister. Together, they make a strong team and Ketch The Spirit has continued to grow as they steadily add additional schools to their clothing line. We hope you have fun showing your school spirit in our clothes!

The company hopes to grow rapidly and will be adding additional schools as quickly as possible. We hope you have fun showing your school spirit in our clothes!